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United Grinding


United Grinding desired a new exhibit environment to create an undeniable presence at the largest machine tool show in North America. Their objective for this marketing project was to reinforce their brand image and marketplace dominance, produce an ideal setting to showcase their world-class products, and create a meaningful, impactful and memorable attendee experience.


Although this booth covers 8,000 square feet, floor space was an important consideration in every aspect of this creative design. A massive illuminated perimeter structure was incorporated to define the environment and drive United Grinding’s brand presence. This perimeter allowed us to utilize 80% of their floor space which provided optimum sightlines throughout the booth and 360° accessibility to all equipment on display from the aisles. The use of overhead blue LED lighting throughout their space created a comfortable, inviting feel and a positive mood to engage current customers and new prospects in a visually exciting and customized environment.

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For Sales Questions : (331) 257-5537