Booth Set Up & Dismantling Services

The process of having your exhibit booth set up and dismantled after the event is done can be tiring. It is extremely helpful to have a full service provider like Lab Exhibits & Services that brings your booth to the event location and to set up.  Lab Exhibits then comes back for the dismantling and pickup process once the trade show or exhibition is over. Imagine the relief when all you have to do is focus on connecting with potential customers at the event and not worry about the details of setting up and dismantling.

What’s Involved In Booth Set Up & Dismantling?

Hiring Lab Exhibits & Services to help set up and dismantle the exhibit booth you will be using at the event is convenient and practical for most companies, especially those that attend multiple events and tradeshows each year.

Booth Set Up Services include:

  • Confirming that the booth has been received
  • Onsite management. Lab stays on to ensure that every item ordered has been delivered as expected and that everything is set up properly.
  • Completion of labor paperwork. Lab ensures that the relevant documentation, including EAC (exhibitor appointed contractor) and COI (certificate of insurance), have been perfected before installation.
  • Have a labor representative on site. Lab will have one of their representatives around to respond to your concerns and inquiries.
  • Providing relevant images for your confirmation. Sometimes you may not be on-site during the setup, so Lab will confirm that the booth has been put up in the right location and as you would want it to be.
  • Set up of all booth items. Dismantling and storage of booth once the show is over

Working with Lab who understands the rules and regulations of trade shows is a major plus. Each event organizer will have specifications when it comes to setting up booths. The company you choose to work with should have a good understanding of what these are. To ensure a smooth install and dismantle, Lab will even contact the event’s organization team in advance.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you layout a tradeshow booth?

For the best tradeshow layout, make it interactive and use the empty negative spaces too. Make sure that all images are properly formatted and have an excellent resolution. The point is to ensure your brand stands out by also maintaining an element of surprise.

What makes a good tradeshow display?

The best tradeshow displays have specific traits that make them stand out. These include inviting open spaces that make the exhibit, company, and brand stand out from the crowd. The goal is to ensure there are no limitations that may bar people from coming to the booth but instead attract those in attendance to pass by your station.

How do I attract visitors to my booth?

There are many ways through which visitors can be attracted to your exhibit booth. Some of the most popular strategies include promoting the booth on social media so that those visiting will have a prior interest. You can also host a booth event where a famous celebrity performs. The bottom line is to ensure you are offering something unique at all times.

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For Sales Questions : (331) 257-5537