Exhibit Management & Asset Management

A trade show exhibit comprises of several components that come together to make a show seamless. Lab’s goal is to ensure that all the different components of asset management within a trade show are achieved. Preparing for an exhibit is not easy, but it can still be a successful affair with the right support. Pre-trade show preparation is simplified when you know exactly where everything is located and how quickly you can get it to the exhibit floor. Working with Lab you will never lose track of trade show assets again.


What Does Exhibit Management Entail?

  • Financial services
  • Portfolio managers
  • Staff training.
  • Organization of assets

What Asset Management Service Providers Do

The right asset management expert will help keep track of the numerous products and services during your next trade show. Services from Lab Exhibits help keep track of your trade show assets and deliverer your items in a timely manner.  Lab can also help you identify any missing exhibit elements and have them shipped right away. You can be sure that you miss nothing when working with Lab.

Training the Exhibit Booth Staff

The right management team will also train your booth staff to maximize your company’s benefits from the exhibitions you attend. Your exhibit staff must have a professional but friendly look since it is the element that attracts clients to you. The goal is to warmly and confidently draw people to you. Working with the right team is what you need when moving to the next step of your business exhibit experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a tradeshow booth an asset?

Yes, it is. This significant investment will take your business to the next level as long as you choose what works for you. Investing in a tradeshow booth is a good move for a business. What’s more, you can always reuse it for other events and exhibitions you may be interested in future.

What are the three types of trade shows?

Trade shows, also commonly known as expos, tend to fall into three major groups: consumer trade shows, industry trade shows, and trade shows appealing to consumers and industries alike.

What is a tradeshow system?

A trade show system refers to portable units that simplify or make creating interactive displays at your next event easy. Consider using a tradeshow system, an all-in-one kit, as it makes it easier to put your company ahead of the competition and guarantees relevant results.

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For Sales Questions : (331) 257-5537