Through research, positioning, collaboration, and custom trade show display design, Lab Exhibits delivers award-winning  trade show planning solutions. Lab can deliver measurable results.


Lab creates exceptional custom trade show exhibits that drive attention and connect with your target audience—without compromising your budget.

Custom Exhibits

Our design methodology incorporates strategic brand thinking, collaboration, and creativity. This approach allows us to convert your company’s spirit into a meaningful, state-of-the-art 3D branded environment that is realized through research, positioning, design and powerful brand identity.

Whether you have a 10’ X 10’ inline booth or a 100’ X 100’ island, Lab Exhibits can create a customized display that will engage, educate and move your target audience while bringing endless new sales and marketing opportunities to life.

Virtual Trade Show

  • Virtual exhibits
  • Virtual showrooms
  • Augmented reality and virtual reality
  • Immersive experiential marketing solutions

Our state-of-the-art virtual solutions allow you to create powerful, immersive experiences with robust features and real-time analytics that help track ROI.

Virtual experiences promote cutting-edge, immersive experiences that creatively elevate your brand and showcase your products and solutions. Whether you want to create a cutting-edge virtual tradeshow exhibit or a customized, branded virtual showroom, Lab Exhibits & Services will create a custom virtual world that will take your brand and sales efforts to a whole new level.

Our virtual solutions incorporate a robust feature list that includes real-time, custom 3D environments, one-on-one chat capabilities, auditoriums and meeting areas, secure registration and Data Metrics that are all available 24/7.

Our powerful branded environments captivate and inspire. Uniquely designed and skillfully constructed by our team of experienced craftsmen, we deliver visually stunning spaces that are immersive and experiential.

Trade Show Environments

  • Permanent installations
  • Showrooms
  • Museum Exhibits
  • Innovation Centers
  • Branded lobbies, sales, and training centers

Marketing environments provide an opportunity to tell your story, showcase your brand, inspire customer engagement and infuse branded messaging at every touchpoint.

We deliver award-winning customer experiences and journeys through immersive environments that incorporate visually exciting elements with flexible brand storytelling features that evolve and adapt with your brand.

Custom Events

  • Educational symposiums
  • Tradeshow receptions and live parties
  • Virtual environment and events
  • Experiential marketing

We produce dynamic, fully-immersive events that reveal your brand story and create brand advocates. Lab knows what it takes to create a highly impactful brand experience, one that delivers on a brand’s promise.

Lab sees every event as an opportunity to create a moving experience—a brand experience that captivates your target audience no matter where they happen to be located. Lab has access to the industry’s most extensive event production capabilities—and that translates to exceptional events for both you and your targeted markets.

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For Sales Questions : (331) 257-5537