Modular Displays & Exhibits

Instead of stressing about the details of your tradeshow booth set-up and design, consider getting a portable modular display from Lab Exhibits & Services. Generally, modular displays and exhibits are both smart and cost-effective and work best for companies that attend multiple trade shows. A modular trade show booth will also allow you to use similar graphics for different display setups.

What are Modular Displays?

Modular displays are versatile, cost-effective, and customizable ways to promote your business at a trade show. A portable modular display is considered “modular” when it works together as building blocks and combines to form a larger display.

7 Benefits of Portable Modular Displays

  • Versatility – Modular displays are versatile and perfect for businesses traveling to different trade shows. If you need to display different space sizes at a trade show, these portable exhibits are easy to customize.
  • Easy to Customize – Each portable trade show display can have various components including tabletops, lighting, shelving, and frames.  Modular custom displays can easily be designed to fit your logo, taglines, images, and graphics.
  • Cost-Effective – Portable modular displays are generally cost-effective, considering their high quality and flexibility.
  • Durability – Most modular exhibits are made to be extremely durable with less susceptibility to breakages. They are made of tough and durable material that is designed to weather the rigors or regular transportation and storage.
  • Portability – Portable displays can be moved around and stored easily. They are light in weight which makes them easy to assemble and disassemble whenever necessary.
  • Space-Saving – Many people who choose these lightweight and compact displays do so to save space. Many of the modular designs look sleek, modern, and uncluttered.
  • Universally Used – Since a modular display can have the graphics and content changed easily, they are universally used in businesses for things like golf events, local exhibitions, and charities.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a modular tradeshow booth?

These are off-the-shelf solutions for trade show booths that appear fully customized. Portable displays work as building blocks to mix and match different combinations to meet the requirements of a particular trade show.

What are Pop-up displays?

These are single or double-sided trade show display systems that can offer a professional, unique, and well finished appearance even on the tightest deadline.

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