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10 Reasons to Exhibit at Trade Shows

by dhansfield,

If you are like most sales and marketing professionals, you may sometimes find it challenging to get in front of buyers or decision-makers.  Exhibiting in the trade show world gives you the unique opportunity to practice the art of “face to face” marketing and selling.   

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Trade shows and events are excellent opportunities to step outside of your typical sales practices and engage with potential and existing clients face to face. 

You can create meaningful and memorable experiences for your target audience and collect real-time information from show attendees.   You can gauge audience reactions to your products and services and potentially generate quality leads. 

Exhibiting at a trade show is an investment. Below are the top reasons how it can grow your revenue and enhance your brand recognition. 

10 Reasons to Exhibit at a Trade Show

1. Enhance Brand Recognition – Trade shows offer an excellent opportunity to introduce your company and yourself to the marketplace. You can also amplify the event through Social Media Marketing.  

2. Display Products & Services – The trade show environment is a great place to launch a new product line or service. Audience response and feedback are immediate.  

3. Educate and Reach – Educate your audience on your offerings to meet their needs. Imagine trying to reach several clients in a short amount of time with individual visits and bringing hundreds of products to each visit? You can accomplish this with one trade show. The cost savings are tremendous.

4. Memorable Audience Experiences – Create a memorable experience for your target audience and separate yourself from the competition while building relationships.

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5. Generate Quality Sales Leads / Grow Revenue – In a 2018 survey, 85 percent of people stated they were more likely to purchase a brands’ product after participating in events and experiences. (Source:

6. Show Sales – Potentially Close sales on existing projects in person to accelerate the sales cycle. According to a survey from, about 82 percent of trade show visitors are directly involved in making purchase decisions.

7. Competitive Analysis – What is your competition doing? Take the opportunity to walk the show throughout the day or week and familiarize yourself with your competition.  

8. Networking – Create new or build existing vendor relationships.

9. Recruitment – According to a 2017 survey of marketers, 29 percent of respondents said that using social media marketing during trade shows helped with company recruitment.  (Source:

10. Team Building – This is an excellent opportunity to gather key members of the sales, marketing, and executive teams. You can build morale, motivate, and share new ideas.

Once you have decided that exhibiting at a trade show is right for your company, make sure you choose the right trade show in your industry. Contact the trade show manager to discuss the typical profile and demographics of their attendees.

You will also want to choose the exhibit house that will give you the best value for your budget as you plan your display and the experience you want to create for the targeted attendees.

Are you looking for the next steps in planning your trade show exhibit?
Click here for a quick and easy guide to planning your trade show display with a custom exhibit house.

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