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How to Navigate Tradeshow Cancellations

by dhansfield,

During these uncertain times and uncharted territory, many tradeshows are being canceled or postponed. I wanted to offer some help to the exhibiting community.

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Many questions are popping up regarding tradeshow cancellations.  Below I compiled some frequently asked questions from clients and how we respond, as well as advice on how to manage customer communication.

  • How is the cancellation of a tradeshow handled for a customer?  At Lab exhibits & services, as soon as we discover a show cancelation, we stop production on the project so we can reduce the expenditures. If any freight has already dispatched, we retrieve the items as soon as possible.  
  • Will I be charged for the entire project?  We do not charge our clients for unproduced work. Make sure to check-in with your own exhibit house on their policies.
  • How is the postponement of a trade show handled?  With a delay, we adjust our schedule to fulfill the client’s needs based on the new timeline.
  • When is the drop-dead date for a company to approve an exhibit for their future show so construction can begin on time?  Several variables will play a role in answer to “when do we need to start making sawdust.” The size and complexity of the display are a prominent part of the decision process. These factors, coupled with our workload and the current state of the global pandemic, will determine the start date of fabrication.  
  • How do I communicate with customers that were planning to attend the tradeshow?  Communicate with customers on every platform. Try to call, email, and post information on all social media platforms.  
  • What can I do to continue managing the business conducted at the tradeshow?  Provide customers with the resources that you would have had at the tradeshow electronically. Offer ways to meet virtually through video web conferencing platforms.  
  • Leverage Social Media  Get creative on social media. Make videos or slide shows of services that you would have highlighted at the tradeshow. Don’t worry about the quality of the videos! Try your best to get your information out to the public.

At Lab exhibits & services we can help you with all your trade show and event needs through these uncertain times.
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For Sales Questions : (331) 257-5537